SIBS INTERNATIONAL Pledges Support For Cashless Policy … Opens Office In Lagos

Global payment processing company, SIBS INTERNATIONAL, has pledged its support and commitment towards the success of the cashless policy initiative in Nigeria.

Mr Pedro Hipolito, the Managing Director, SIBS INTERNATIONAL (Far right), receives the Platinum Sponsors Award during the E-business dinner and cocktail of the Card, ATM and Mobile Expo (CAME), from Mr. Musa Itopa Jimoh (middle), Director of Banking Payment System, Central Bank of Nigeria, while Mr. Adeyinka Adeyemi (far left), organizer of the event looks on
SIBS INTERNATIONAL, one of the largest payment processors in the world, provides  flexible and innovative payment services through ATM and POS terminal services, network management, full issuing and acquiring transaction processing - irrespective the channel of origin amongst others.

Speaking at a press conference during the Card, ATM and Mobile Expo (CAME), held in Lagos recently, Mr. Pedro Hipolito, the Managing Director, SIBS INTERNATIONAL, stated that the firm was opening an office in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria in order to play a long term proximity role in bringing the cashless policy to fruition.

Hipolito added that SIBS INTERNATIONAL had been present in Nigeria through a partnership with Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) since 2011.

(L-R): Managing Director of SIBS INTERNATIONAL, Pedro Hipolito, gives a practical demonstration of SIBS INTERNATIONAL’s payment processing service via an Automated Tellar Machine while the Marketing Division, SIBS INTERNATIONAL, Hugo Araujo and Managing Director, Mediacraft Associates, John Ehiguese, look on during the 2013 Card, ATM and Mobile Expo (CAME) in Lagos yesterday
Hipolito stressed that SIBS INTERNATIONAL’s intent in moving fully into Nigeria was a sign of its commitment towards assisting the country in achieving a cashless economy: "We are going to deepen our presence in Nigeria by opening an office here. This move signals our commitment towards supporting Nigeria's quest for cashless payment system. We will ensure that we have people on the ground to cultivate relationships and meaningful exchange of knowledge and also provide cutting edge technology towards that goal”, he said.

He expressed optimism that with SIBS INTERNATIONAL’s experience in payment solutions spanning over 30 years, Nigeria will attain a cashless payment system that is efficient, safe, reliable and people friendly. “We are riding on over 30 years’ experience in this business. Indeed, SIBS INTERNATIONAL has been able to carve a niche for itself as a global leader in payment solutions. Our mandate is to deliver innovative, safe and flexible payment solutions in order to ensure that Nigeria attains the much vaulted cashless economy”, he said.

SIBS INTERNATIONAL operates in more than ten countries around the world, including Algeria, Angola, Malta, Mozambique, Nigeria, Poland and Portugal. Other countries where SIBS INTERNATIONAL operates are: Spain, Greece Romania amongst others.


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