Pensioner, Security Bouncer Join The New Batch Of Legend Dubai Trip Winners

(L - R): Folashade Omoleye, Ozioko Bethran Ikechukwu, James
    Nweke, Tom Madaki, Okotie Oritsuwa, Emuejevoke Oputu, Aghedo Cyril
    Sadiq Ehinoria, Sunny Odomoke, Wilson Prince Osah and Ishalaiye
Legend Extra Stout has continued to enchant hundreds and thousands of consumers across Nigeria, as 10 additional consumers win the Dubai Shopping Spree Ticket.However, there is a twist in the pedigree of these new set of Legend Brand Ambassadors, compared with their predecessors who first travelled to Dubai, and came back with lots of plenty valuables.

The second raffle draw, held at Lesukaa Event Centre, Port Harcourt, produced a 54-year old pensioner, who also happens to be a Nigerian Civil War Veteran; the first female consumer to win the Dubai Trip; as well as a professional security bouncer from Kano.Mr Tom Madaki, a pensioner from Kaduna, while speaking on how the whole thing started, said,"I was very angry when they first called and told me that I have won a trip to Dubai. In fact, I banged the phone on the caller. But later, when the call kept coming, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and found out that the Legend Dubai Trip is real. I am a beneficiary of this unique shopping experience, and this has truly modified my social status in the sense that, even as a serving military officer, and a former civil servant,I never had the opportunity to travel out of the country".The civil war veteran added that, Legend has positively altered the course of my life by giving me the opportunity to easily achieve what I could not attain when I was in active service. Today, I have achieved these things courtesy of my encounter with Legend. Is it the procurement of valid international passport for me, the two months Dubai Visa secured for me or the opportunity to own modern electronic gadgets, among many other benefits I enjoyed during the three-day visit? This is an experience that will linger in my memory for the rest of my life.

Also, 32 year old James Nweke, a professional security bouncer  based in Kano, expressed his delight at this milestone achievement. According to him, friends used to mock him due to his low social status. Hear him: "I will remember Legend for two things. One, they have restored my dignity through this consumer reward programme. Friends used to mock me due to my low social status; but I have been able to raise the bar now through the international exposure I have had courtesy of Legend. Two, they mocked me endlessly that I had no valuables in my one room apartment. Now, I am a proud owner of the latest sophisticated electronics and other home appliances that are even too much for my room in Kano. Thank you Legend."

Second batch of lucky winners in the Legend Real Deal
National Consumer Promotion, surrounded by officials of the Deira
Shopping Mall, after shopping for gift items worth N1 million in the
  Legend Dubai Shopping Experience, at the Deira Shopping Mall, Dubai,
    United Arab Emirates on Sunday, June 2, 2013
Another remarkable development is the emergence of the first female winner, Mrs Grace Folashade Omoleye, heiress of Jibik Authentic Bar.She visited Dubai, toured and shopped with bags full of goods. This is what she said to Legend: "I am very grateful to Nigerian Breweries, makers of Legend Extra Stout, for the opportunity extended to me to be part of this life-transforming shopping experience. I didn't expect
to  win because I just played it for the fun of it. But now, I have travelled to Dubai, met their people and also learnt about their culture. More importantly, I am glad that the business my late mother left behind is now what people read on the pages of newspapers in Nigeria. I pray that Legend will continue to wax stronger everyday." Some of the other winners that also commended Legend Extra Stout for its unique benevolence are Mr Ayodele Ishalaiye from Lagos, Mr Cyril Aghedo from Lagos, Mr Ikechukwu Ozioko from Kogi, Mr Sunday Odomoke from Abia, Mr Daniel Oritsuwa from Delta, as well as Mr Wilson Osah and Voke Oputu, both from Port Harcourt.

 (L - R): Tom Madaki, Wilson Prince Osah, Folashade Omoleye,   Sunny Odomoke, Okotie Oritsuwa, Ozioko Bethran Ikechukwu,Emuejevoke Oputu, winners in the Legend Real Deal National ConsumerPromotion, Emmanuel Agu, Marketing Manager, Gulder, Legend & Life,Nigerian Breweries Plc., James Nweke,Aghedo Cyril Sadiq Ehinoriaand Ishalaiye Ayodele, other lucky winners, waiting to shop forgift items worth N1 million in the Legend Dubai ShoppingExperience, at the   Deira  Shopping Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirateson Sunday, June 2,   2013
Mr Emmanuel Agu, Marketing Manager, Legend, Gulder and Life, during his welcome address to the winners, implored all of them to be law-abiding as Legend Ambassadors and, by extension, Nigerian
Breweries Ambassadors.

In his words, "Dubai has its own rules and regulations that are absolutely different from that of Nigeria. For this reason, I'll like to enjoin you all to conduct yourself well as we set out to enjoy ourselves.

The Marketing Manager used the opportunity to encourage many other consumers that are yet to benefit from the promo not to give up on their efforts, as the promo will still produce another set of consumers that will go to Dubai before the end of June.

Winners of second batch of lucky winners in the Dubai Unique
    Shopping Experience of the Legend Real Deal National Consumer
Promotion, while on tour of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
According to him, "to experience this unique shopping experience, what you have to do is very simple. Go to your favourite bar, buy a bottle  of Legend and open the crown cork. What you see is what you get. If  you are lucky to get our alpha numeric code, please text it to the  short code 30380 and you just might be the next lucky winner to be  among the next team that will go to Dubai later this month.