Mcdowell's No. 1 Whisky Engages Bar Owners & Consumers In Nigeria

Mcdowell's has been in Nigeria market for quite sometime and has enjoyed optimal shelf presence at several relaxation spots across the nation with little or no brand communications activities.

As part of efforts to position the brand as the No 1 choice of whisky in Nigeria,the brand launched a communication theme tagged "The No 1 Spirit of Friendship".

Several consumer activities was designed and deployed. Part of which was branding of several relaxation spots in Lagos with Mcdowell's themed branded sniper frames with outlet names written on some and others without outlets name,also the distribution of  POS materials like Ice Buckets,T-shirts,Bar Mats,Table Mats,Mcdowell's Cortex Boards,Beach Umbrellas, among others to relaxation outlets while Biro's,Key Rings,T-shirts,etc were given to Mcdowell's consumers as purchase incentives.

Presently, Mcdowell's ambassadors are spotted at several bars engaging and interacting with consumers with the uniqueness of the brand  via sampling and other fun activities.

According to an inside source,"the essence of the in-bar  activities is to make consumers feel comfortable with the brand and also change consumer  perception of the brand,as brand without 'Corporate presence' ".