From Cadbury –>Kraft –> Mondelez, Mondelez Nigeria?

Cadbury Schweppes was recently acquired by Kraft Foods, and though Kraft is not a strong brand in Nigeria, and in Africa as a whole, it was still a recognizable global brand.  All was well with the world.

But now, now, Kraft’s renaming it’s snack business (wait for it…) Mondelez.  Wait, what?  Not sure where Kraft’s going with this globally but it may prove a challenge in the African market.  On the one hand, in markets where the Kraft name does not hold a lot of goodwill it may be better to start everything off from scratch, we get that.  But Mondelez leaves much confusion.
Is it pronounced Mon-day-lay? Mon-there-lez? Mon-day-lez? Monde-lez?  Monde-lees?
Source : Brentt Consulting.