Consumers, Distributors Commend Golden Penny Foods

After what can be described as a successful launch, Golden Penny Foods has continued to attract accolades and appreciations from consumers and distributors nationwide for the timely introduction of its sugar variant. The feedbacks came as no surprise, considering the high quality of Golden Penny Sugar, which hit the market as part of the 2013 customers’ forum celebration held in Lagos with the theme ‘Bigger, Stronger and Sweeter’. 

The show of love, attraction and acceptance from several consumers and market watchers for the sugar variants (cubes and granulated) ranged from its packaging to quality, affordability and visibility across key locations in the country among others.  An interactive session with consumers and top distributors during the event in Lagos was an attestation of the relief which the new product brings to the table of Nigerians. The response cuts across different ethnic, religious and cultural group which indicates national satisfaction from the new product - Golden Penny Sugar.

Mrs. Skinat Lamidi, a key distributor with Ejide Ayinde Enterprises, reiterated her support for the growth and development of Flour Mills Plc. when she said “You can always trust Golden Penny Foods to give back yearly to their esteemed customers various gifts like brand new cars, air conditioners and free holiday tickets, which just goes to show that we are highly appreciated”.     

Another customer, Alhaji Idris Shettima, a shop owner from the Mushin area of Lagos State, was full of exaltation for the new sugar. “It has a unique sweetening taste and it’s got this friendly appeal that you just pick it off the store shelves”, he said. The excitement and smiles on his face can only but be described as an expected boom in these year sugar sales.

While Ms. Esther Ugodima, the Chief Operating Officer of Falolu Bakery & Foods Enterprise, was full of positivism and predictions considering the fact that her bakery which had run for over 5 years was contemplating taste diversification. “I think the new sugar is a wonderful innovation and we in the confectionary business stand to gain more than others”, Falolu said.

According to the Group Managing Director, Flour Mills Nigeria Plc, Mr. Paul Gbededo, “the theme of this years customers’ forum which is bigger, stronger and sweeter makes up the goal of our company, because we want grow, expand and spread our network further and further reaching every tent one can imagine”. He said the bigger the company becomes, the more responsibility being incurred which will propel the improvement of products, services, processes, margins and the promise of quality to consumers.

Gbededo stressed that improving the company will only make it sweeter just like wine, because the older we are the sweeter it becomes. “The new standard we hope to achieve takes a lot of dedication, hard work, passion and the cooperation of our partners to make it a reality. I have no doubt that together we can achieve this and be on our way to becoming bigger, better and sweeter food business and agro-allied business in Nigeria”, he said.

Furthermore, the new Golden Penny Sugar comes in a trusted high quality pure white colour; fortified with vitamin A which is convenient and hygienically packed so it’s easy to use daily. The new sugar comes in two variants, which are the cube sugar in 500g package and the granulated sugar in 500g and 1kg packages. It is ideal for bakers, confectioners, bottlers, industries and a perfect sweetener for cereals, tea, custard, pudding amongst others.

Flour Mills Nigeria Plc established Golden Penny Pasta plant in Nigeria in 1972 and the company has a keen interest on identifying and satisfying emerging consumer needs. It has several variants of Macaroni and Spaghetti which have been launched in the Nigerian market for over 15 years. Golden Penny Foods remains totally committed to superior quality from a world- class manufacturing processes and passionate employees.