Winners Emerge in the Heineken Sailing Regatta 2013

Two overall winners have emerged at the just concluded 2013 Heineken Lightning and Tarpon National Sailing Championships which took place at the Lagos Yacht Club over the weekend. The Otitan Dara boat which had Graham Gips at the helm alongside members of his crew, Kristiann Gips and Charles Weller, emerged overall winner in the lightning Regatta category. While in the Tarpon category, the ‘Rule T Naves’ boat with crewmembers; Carol Khouri, Yosi Anisfeld and Precious Eyong emerged overall winner. The two-day event featured over 90 sailors from different nationalities taking part in the sailing competition.

The Heineken National Championships for Lightings and Tarpons is organized annually by the Lagos Yacht Club under the current International Sailing Federation racing rules for sailing. Only teams who are members of a recognized Sailing Club in Nigeria can compete in the annual Heineken National Championships for Lightings and Tarpons. According to organizers,
Lightings are propelled by just three sailors with the help of the wind, while Tarpons are allowed to be propelled by two or more people equally with the help of the wind.

Roelof Segers, Innovation Manager, Nigeria Breweries Plc, who also took part in the sailing competition, stated that there is a perfect match between the Heineken brand and the sailing competition. “Heineken is the most international premium lager brand that is why we sponsor premium sports in Nigeria. For the Heineken brand, it is very important for us to be part of this national sailing competition. The Heineken brand is also about fun and socializing without boarders, which comes together very well in this sailing competition. With sailors from over 14 nationalities taking part in the competition, we saw people from all over the world coming to watch this race and it is a great thing for Heineken to be a major sponsor of this sailing competition in Lagos especially with the beautiful environment, light breeze and water that significantly aids the sport”. He added.

Mr Segers also pointed out that The Lagos Yacht Club is the biggest sailing club in Africa. “It’s amazing. We have beautiful sailing conditions in Lagos. We also have over 4 world champions taking part in this competition. Sports are about excitement, resourcefulness and enjoyment and these are qualities that the Heineken brand is known for”.

Lagos Yacht Club Commodore, Michael Barnes commended Heineken for being one of the biggest supporters of the Club. He added that the event improved on previous ones with Heinekenbeing the most premium international beer brand of the LYC. “We have had a wonderful time and we have been very lucky with the wind this year. We would like to thank Heineken for their continued support over the past years in making this National competition a success”.

Winner in the single sailing category, Timi Amino, a first year student of Cashnob College, Northern American University, Benin Republic said, “I live in the Navy barracks where we have a sailing club. We were trained to sail and swim as well. My friends and I usually go to the pool and that was where I met a coach. He invited me over and he taught me how to sail. I have had two years of sailing experience and it has not been easy. With the partnership of Heineken this tournament has really been a world class experience for me.”