Qlichy Goes Live in Lagos Launches Online Campaign

Qlichy, Nigeria’s online business portal has been unveiled in Lagos with fanfare by The Quadrant Company, TQC. In demonstration of Qlichy’s readiness for business, TQC unleashed skaters on the streets of Lagos with stunts to excite, build awareness and inform Nigerians that Qlichy.com is out to change the course of business.
Qlichy is a business portal that allows people find information on businesses and professionals and also helps to create a network of businesses online. The portal delivers on news aggregation, content dissemination, networking services and provides a platform for e-commerce.
Speaking on the launch, the Managing Director of The Quadrant Company, Mr. Bolaji Okusaga, said “Qlichy will help solve the problems of sourcing and disseminating information which businesses in Nigeria are facing today, thereby making doing business a lot easier in the country”.

According to Okusaga, the portal, Qlichy.com, will afford anyone looking for current information on businesses the chance of getting what she or he needs in one click. The portal also provides a cost effective way for businesses to expand their digital presence and reach more consumers, stakeholders and other businesses.
Qlichy.com portal, equally serves as a platform for business and industry leaders to lead thoughts in their various sectors, public discussions on current issues and publicize news and events regarding their brands.
Okusaga disclosed that signing-up with Qlichy and listing of businesses comes at absolutely no cost thus increasing the numerous advantages the portal places at the disposal of Nigerian businesses and interested parties.
About Qlichy
Qlichy is an online business information portal that has a business directory and a networking portal for the purpose of creating business relationships for businesses and business owners. The portal provides news and current information across various industries. Qlichy also provides a platform for corporate profiling and reputation management.