Digital Interactive Media (DIM) has set up a new unit within the Group solely responsible for Change Communication. This Unit is Called Change Communication Advocacy Unit. This new unit is charged with using Strategic Media Touch Points [Traditional & Digital Media Channels] to help change behaviour and attitudes about Key Social and Environmental Issues from a Layman Point of View.

The Cause of Nigeria's Developmental Challenges is as much a Leadership Failure as it is a Followership Failure. Hence there is a need to re-orientate the Nigerian Populace from their wrong mindsets.

According to the company spokesperson,"We are using Short Comedy Drama Series to transform the mindset of Nigerians to Think Right & Act Right. We have developed Special Simple Funny Advocacy Drama Series that runs Every day on National TV to act as Satire to educate The Nigerian Audience on Key Social & Environmental Issues.

Synopsis: Mama Bomboy is a satire for an average D Class Nigerian Woman who came in from the Village to Lagos through Marriage to an ambitious man who works currently as a driver to a big man, but is aspiring to become a big man someday too. Mama Bomboy is a full housewife whose ignorance on contemporary things and attitude of people in Lagos makes for an interesting watch. 

The daily episode will take us through her day to day activities, her nuclear and extended family, her neighbours, communities and the general lifestyle of different strata of Nigerians. It is served as Situational Comedy, Short, Precise and each episode will entertain the audience in a fresh way. Mama Bomboy as a Change Communication tool will educate the audience on the right attitude to life and will guide us to think right.

Mama Bomboy is a new direction TV Drama Format that will run daily on AIT Network & VChannel [Startimes Digital Cable Plaform].

The series is positioned to become the most watched 5mins on Television in Nigeria. Our approach will combine experiential content delivered in a funny way, teaching a lesson and performed by witty characters. 

The Broadcast of Mama Bomboy will commence on June 3rd and Broadcast time is 7.55pm, 8.55pm & 9.55pm on VChannel[Channel 124 on Startimes -18 Key Locations in Nigeria] while AIT will broadcast 9.55pm Pan Nigeria.