EXMAN Launches The Certified Brand Ambassadors’ Programme

On Thursday, 25th August 2016, the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria launched a programme tagged the Certified Brand Ambassadors’ Programme in Ikeja. At a launch attended by over 40 EXMAN Agency personnel , the President of EXMAN, Dr. RotimiOlaniyan traced the importance of Project Personnel called Brand Ambassadors in the Experiential Marketing/Client Management Ecosystem. According to him, Brand Ambassadors are key personnel representing agencies on the field to deliver on client briefs as the agencies seek to bring meaningful brand experiences alive. He noted the importance of tooling the Brand Ambassadors appropriately as they undertake their duties.

Kayode Idowu, Financial Secretary, EXMAN, Tunji Adeyinka, Chairman Capacity Building and Training Committee, EXMAN, Obinna Anyalebechi, Customer Marketing Director, Guinness, Rotimi Olaniyan, EXMAN President, Mr. Kenny Debayo-Sanusi, Member Capacity Building and Training Committee, Exman
The Chairman of the EXMAN Committee on Training and Capacity Building, Mr. TunjiAdeyinka explained that the Brand Ambassadors’Programme has three different pillars. The first pillar is the Register of Brand Ambassadors which will assign a unique number to each Ambassador anywhere in Nigeria. The register will also carry the profile of every Brand Ambassador so that EXMAN member agencies can view the profile of the BA before considering them for employment. The second pillar is the Training pillar which provides three different modules of materials on Brand Management, Experiential Marketing, Project Management and other topics. The third pillar is an insurance cover for all registered Brand Ambassadors provided by Mutual Benefit Assurance.

The Customer Marketing Director, Guinness, Mr. Obinna Anyalebechi who spoke at the launch commended EXMAN for birthing the programme. He said that apart from setting standards for Brand Ambassadors, the programme would also help clients who will be sure of the quality of the ambassadors they are using for their activations. He confirmed that Brand Ambassadors are an extension of the brands they work for and are therefore very important in Marketing activations. The programme also helps agencies to blacklist Brand Ambassadors who may have committed infractions in the line of duty.
Cross Section of attendees at the launch of the EXMAN Certified Brand Ambassadors’ Programme

The training was closed by Mr. Kenny Debayo-Sanusi, a member of the EXMAN Committee on Training and Capacity Building.