Coca-Cola ‘One Brand Strategy’ yields New Campaign, But…Resonance looks an Issue

In a bid to underscore Coca-Cola’s new found ‘One brand Strategy’, the world’s most famous brand has unveiled a new global thematic campaign tagged ‘Taste the Feeling’ thus effectively ending the “Open Happiness” campaign phase which lasted for almost seven years.
Brandcrunch in January 2016 published an exclusive  on the impending change of the thematic campaign as the Coca-Cola new global Chief Marketing Officer, Marcos de Quinto was not pleased with the execution of  the ‘Open Hapiness’ theme campaign. Although, the just rested campaign was the longest serving in recent years,   Marcos saw it differently, “It’s just a little bit too preachy it failed to hammer home more simple pleasures, like enjoying an ice-cold Coke on a hot day”. See the full story here
The Nigerian leg of the new global campaign - ‘Taste the Feeling’ which was unveiled in Kenya on March 12 ahead of Nigeria, was unveiled to the media at an early morning event today at the Oriental Hotel, Victorial Island with an elabotate unveil slated for latter in the day at a purpose built Coca-Cola Island. 
In line with the brand strategy, new campaign which seeks to bring all the company’s Cola range extensions under one campaign unbrella and indeed explores storytelling and everyday moments to connect with consumers and celebrate the simple pleasure and experience that makes every moment   of drinking a Coca-Cola special. 
Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Patricia Jemibewon explained that ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaignwill bring to life the idea that drinking a Coca-Cola – whether classic or Coke Zero – is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special.  
Deviating from the Global Officer’s observation, Mrs. Jemibewon says the now rested “Open Happiness” campaign which ran from 2009 until did very well in the market but leaned heavily on the emotional values of ‘happiness’ and ‘optimism’ which the brand also stands for. As a point of deviation however, she reveals that  new “Taste the Feeling” campaign will reflect both the functional and emotional aspects of the Coca-Cola brand experience.
Music is deployed in large dose in the new campaign. The Marketing Director talks about the new Coca-Cola anthem - ‘Taste the Feeling’. According to her, the campaign will come to life through a music anthem and audio signature, as well as shareable and customized interactive digital experience, and its target, will be mainly teens.
“Taste the Feeling is all inclusive but with a special focus on teenagers who are known to live for the moment and who are most demanding as far as creativity is concerned. In the coming days, we will be rolling out several engagement activities that will provide them the opportunity to have memorable moments that keep them talking and expressing their feelings with their peers.” She adds, “Music has always played a key role in Coca-Cola communications and "Taste the Feeling" is not an exception - a new audio signature inspired by the sounds of enjoying a Coca-Cola – the pop of the cap, the fizz and, ultimately, refreshment.”
Speaking on the campaign the, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Clem Ugorji explained that the ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign is an offshoot of Coca-Cola’s new ‘One Brand Strategy’ which marks a significant shift in its marketing approach and for the first time unites all Coke Trademark brands in one global creative campaign. 
“This approach brings the spotlight on all variants of the Coke trademark such as Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke, etc. and underscores our Company’s commitment to choice, offering consumers options in taste and with or without calories, so there is a Coke for anyone”, he reveals.
The new campaign will more than ever before fight misconception especially in markets where the classic Coca-cola dominates. According to findings, consumers after a certain age either reduce or ditch the consumption of the brand no thanks to the mistaken belief that the system can no longer tolorate the sugar level. These decision is however fueled by the fact that they have little or no knowledge of the existence of variants like Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke among others. 
According to Mr. Ugorji, there is a Coke for everyone and the company’s new ‘one brand strategy’ is out to emphasise this very strategically. Globally, there are about four variants of satisfying Coca-Cola. These include the Coca-Cola classic called the red coke, the black coke –Coke Zero; Grey Coke – Coke Light or Diet Coke depending on the market and the newly introduced (US) Green Coke also known as Coke Life. While some are not here, Mr. Ugorji confirms that as the Nigerian market evolves more variants will be introduced to press home the fact that there is indeed a coke for everyone. 
Although the setting of the TVC looks out of sync with Nigerian environment and the casts indeed look ‘out of this world’ or at the least foreign when one considers the make-up of the Nigerian youth, the radio commercial and background music in the TVCs  (campaign anthem) compensates for this short-coming which could be excused all in the name of global campaign! The feeling however, needs to be more real. The target has to see himself in it, hence the need to drill it down as the TVC looks distant.  It is believed that the campaign will resonate better when it becomes more real and relatable as the local adaptations in outdoor, online and others excutions begin to find expression in the market.  
However, the lyrics of the anthem by Conrad Sewell featuring Avicii, relates excellently with the Nigerian spirit. It states in part, “No one can stop me when I taste the feeling; Nothing could ever bring me down; No one can stop me when I taste the feeling; Nothing could ever bring me down” this really captures the Nigerian spirit and finds expression in this market. 
The campaign will be live from April to August on traditional and digital media channels and will include opportunities for consumers to sing their own version of the anthem and win prizes.