3D Makery Unveils Latest 3D Scanning, Printing Innovation Technology in Africa

The United States based company - 3D Makery.com founded by Nigerian serial entrepreneur, Israel Ovirih has adding a new dimension to selfies in Nigeria, by launching the first of its kind 3D scanning and printing service the “ultimate selfie technology” in Nigeria and Africa. It can be of you, your spouse, child, or pet, anything that can be scanned inside the Shapify booth preserve the most memorable moments with the ultimate selfie.

The introduction of this service marks the first in Africa and one of the numerous few that are available globally.

3D Makery offers wider range of 3D printing services, its first viable minimum product - the 3D selfies or shapies

Speaking at the 3-day unveiling event at Ikeja City mall, Lagos, 3D Makery Nigeria Chairman and Founder, Israel Ovirih explained that the one of a kind destructive technology that will outshine every other technology availing youths employment through self dependence in Nigeria.

According to him, “3D technology is opening up a whole new world of possibilities and the reward of 3D printing technology is that the scan can be used to produce a full color figurine known as a ‘Shapie.’ So, rather than a half cocked snapshot you can have a 3D printed sculpture to either keep as your own or give as a gift”.

“The so-called “shapies” use 3D printing technology and designed to bring joy and happiness each time a person gazes upon the "Mini-Me".

“We’re thrilled bringing this advanced 3D tools and knowledgeable support team to help grow Nigeria’s technology business. We have had success and satisfaction with this technology and, upon experiencing the technology ourselves, knew it would be a benefit for Nigerians. We are confident customers will embrace this technology. While it’s still wonderful to have collections of photos, this 3D technology offers a new way to revisit a memory with a 3D portrait.” He said.

On the mechanics of the 3D Technology, the Chief Operating Officer, 3D Makery Nigeria, Damola Kolawole explained that the booth where all this magic happens contains four wide-view, high-resolution scanners that rotate around the person inside in order to capture them from all angles. The level of detail that can be captured by these scanners is such that it will even pick up things like a logo on a shirt or the jersey of your favorite sports team.

“The hundreds of images that are generated in this way are then automatically stitched together with special software and a 3D model is generated from that composite. After the digital model is created, the figurine can then be produced”. He concluded

The event recorded massive turnout with notable faces in Nigeria entertainment industry like former Mr. Nigeria Bryan Okwara, Sound Sultan, Ghanian Actress Juliet Ibrahim and many more having their pictures taken.