Yezz Mobile Launched Into Nigerian Market

Yezz Mobile was designed and birthed in Miami USA five years ago and has experienced tremendous success in the Latin American markets over the last few years. This success has led the US based company Yezz to expand its distribution footprint into Europe and also Africa, a key growth focus region for the company.
“The African market offers considerable growth prospects”, says Robert Schiano,Yezz Managing Director in EMEA, studies show that the number of smartphones sold by 2017 will double to 350 million units. With Yezz brand, we have the ambition, portfolio and capabilities to be a major player in Africa in the mobile phone sector. With Nigeria being one of the most significant markets in Africa as well as globally, we are highly motivated to showcase the Yezz brand offering to the discerning Nigerian consumer.
Yezz is proud to announce that TD Mobile has been selected as the preferred and exclusive distributor of Yezz in the Nigerian market. TD Mobile, a subsidiary of Technology Distributions, has an exemplary track record in terms of software, hardware, accessories and peripherals and enjoys prime status as one of the biggest distributors of mobile devices across the West African region. We believe that the partnership between TD Mobile and Yezz is well placed for success. TD Mobile will make the product range available for sale exclusively online via for the launch period, as well as through key partnership with Yudala and Key Opcos into selected open channel retail outlets throughout Nigeria.
Choice – Whilst Yezz has a broad product range, much research has gone into selecting the key devices which will appeal to the needs and aspirations of the Nigerian target consumer. This research has been validated by key operators, distributors and consumers. Based on this, Yezz will spearhead this charge with key smartphone products which provide the right balance of features, value for money, performance and design to win their hearts. To do this we will be giving consumers a choice of Yezz devices to suit whichever operating system the consumers prefer, starting off with Android and Windowsphone devices, and to be followed shortly thereafter by a Firefox range of devices. In addition, most of the Yezz devices coming into market will come standard with between 3 to 4 additional colour covers. This will give consumers confidence that their device looks fresher and newer for longer.
Yezz Billy 4.7 – This device offering is the thinnest Windowsphone on the market, packed with solid performance features and quality Qualcomm chipsets that establish this Windowsphone as a quality device to the discerning consumer. This combined with a superlight weight of 120 grams and a 4.7 inch screen will be a winner for the consumer looking for an alternative Windowsphone to the current offerings in the market.
In addition to this there will be a Yezz Billy 4 device for consumers looking for great value for money. This is a great entry level Windows smartphone device packed with class leading features including a 4 inch screen and quality at a highly competitive price to the end consumer.
As weight and thinness are key design differentiators for the Yezz brand, we will be leading the Android Kit Kat charge with two very key super thin and superlight devices positioned to consumers who want a product they can confidently showcase to their friends, family and associates.
Yezz Andy 5T – Our ultrathin Android 5T at 6.9mm and 123 grams really provides a unique coolness factor in terms of its design. Packed with a powerful 13mp main camera and 5mp selfie camera, combined with a highly useable 5 inch touchscreen, we see this as a highly desirable alternative to the existing offerings in the market, particularly in terms of design.
The Andy 6M is the perfect answer to consumers who want a device that is the perfect balance of value for money and gaming capabilities. With its 6 inch screen, 13mp main camera and 5mp selfie camera, as well as 2400 mAh battery, it ticks all of the right boxes for the target consumer.
In addition to the above devices, we will be offering the broader Yezz range into the key channels to cater for differing consumer demand and affordability requirements; this includes devices such as our entry-level C21 feature phone which is part of our mainstream smartphone device offering.