Tic Tac Celebrates 45th Anniversary With New Slogan And Roadshow Engagement

‘Refreshment to be shared’…wondering what that is? Well that’s the new message Tic Tac is launching into Nigeria. 

If you want to enjoy every moment of life, then you need to look at the everyday things (work, study, friends, love etc.) with fresh eyes. This opens up people to enjoy the moment, creating, connecting and sharing experiences of fun with other people.

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, Route 712 Agency, an experiential marketing company was commissioned to conduct the first Tic Tac Road show in Nigeria – The Tic Tac ‘Shake & Share’ Roadshow which kicks off on the 13 October till 21 November in Lagos, Abuja and PH. This will give Tic Tac the opportunity to express and communicate to its Fans, Consumers and the general public its Famous & Cool brand personality & dynamic lifestyle. Also if you catch the Tic Tac Roadshow crew you will stand the chance to participate in different activities and get to be sponsored and rewarded by Tic Tac.

To be part of the Shake & Share Road show, follow Tic Tac on its Nigerian Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tictacnigeria. Here you will get all the first hand information and locations where the road show will berth. That’s not all, 3 lucky followers will win an Apple IPhone 6…yeah you heard it right…Apple IPhone 6. So what are you waiting for, all you need to do to be part of this excitement is to 1. Locate and Join the fun with the Tic Tac Roadshow crew in your neighborhood 2. Take a picture selfie of you (and a friend if you like) against the Tic Tac backdrop,   and you are on your way to winning the Apple IPhone 6. And it doesn’t end there (this people no dey tire to reward their consumers, especially in such special occasion)…the Tic Tac Nigeria FB page will also host an ultimate Trivial quiz contest and winners will be rewarded with Tic Tac branded prizes every week.

Well if you Love enjoying life and having fun don’t miss this unique opportunity! Come and join us at the Tic Tac Shake & Share Roadshow!

Tic Tac is  recognized as the most famous mint in the World, and in the Top 5 ranking of Sugar confectionery brands in the world. Tic Tac is the most international Brand owned by Ferrero, sold in over 70 countries World Wide, with more than 13 million Facebook fans all over the world .

 In Nigeria Tic Tac is available with two flavors – Mint and Orange - offered in 1 format of 33 pills