Grand Oak’s Calypso Coconut Liqueur Rejuvenates In Grand Style

As part of its effort to maintain leadership in all segments, Grand Oak, a leading marketer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages has relaunched Calypso Coconut Liqueur 37.5cl.
Calypso Coconut Liqueur was formally introduced in August 1984 and has continued to maintain its leadership. The new look product is now in glass bottle.
The relaunch of the Calypso Coconut Liqueur which also coincided with the 30th anniversary of the product held recently at the company’s head office in Lagos.
In an interview with newsmen, Calypso Brand Manager, Joy Alabata said that the relaunch of the product is one of the activities to celebrate the rich heritage of the brand that has lasted for three decades.
Alabata stated that the relaunching of the product is aimed at satisfying the yearnings of their consumers who have been canvassing for the product to be in glass bottle instead of the initial pet bottle adding that the product is undoubtedly Africa’s No.1 Coconut Liqueur.
She said, “The product still maintain its great and scintillating taste. The new look Calypso 37.5cl is convenient and affordable for everybody. It is an age old secret shared by generations of people of taste and class, and can be enjoyed in many different ways straight on the rocks, or along with cola, tonic or even milk. The Fresh coconut flavoring makes this flavored rum a refreshing addition to cocktails or desserts. It is a special blend of Jamaican rum that is enjoyed by all fun-loving people of class. ”
Alabata noted that the Calypso Coconut Liqueur 35.5cl evokes the feeling of adventure, fun, independence, breeze, sunshine, and excitement.
Calypso Coconut Liqueur is a colourless exotic‎‐tasting liqueur in a robust first grade flint glass bottle aesthetically branded full body wrap‎.‎ over the years the brand has provided fun and classy platforms for the consumers.