In order to set a new standard on marketing products and promoting Nigerian brands to world class standard, Trends and Intelligence Network (TINK) Africa, a start-up consumer insights firm, has launched a Consumer Trend Report titled WIRED FOR THE FUTURE, where trends worth billions will be accessible to people on trends website.
At the launching ceremony recently held at Maryland Lagos, TINK Africa founder Franklin Ozekhome (pictured) said that Africa was on a ‘roll’ and needed new thinking; strategies and experiences that would help brands stand apart in the minds of consumers. He disclosed that website is accessible by advertisers, agencies and subscribers.
Ozekhome posited that the impact of popular culture – afro-pop music and sounds, reality TV shows, pop-candy videos, celeb fetish, technology are being felt across industries and it is revolutionizing the Nigerian market. Brands, therefore, had to rethink and re-strategize how they were branding, marketing and communicating to the digital consumer.
“The growth of transmedia storytelling, branded content, contextual planning and digital advertising is a big blow to the business models used by advertising agencies and the type of engagement formats developed by marketers. Brand teams are now compelled to redesign and share brand experiences, platforms and products that not only have marketing ‘baked-in’, but are also engaging, sustainable and resonate with consumers,” Ozekhome said.
TINK is designed as an innovation hub for agencies, brands and creative professionals seeking inspiration, practical case studies and an innovation on what is going to happen next in their industries, and how they can leverage and commercialize trends for their own benefit. The Company has set the Marketing Communication sector aglow with its innovative and game-changing offerings.