The La Casera Company Introduces First “On-The-Go” Chapman Drink

In a major innovation in the CSD market in Nigeria, The La Casera Company, Nigeria’s largest independent CSD manufacturer and makers of popular Apple flavoured Drink – LaCasera, has added another laurel to its ever expanding portfolio by introducing into the Nigerian market the first ever ready-to-drink chapman in an ‘on-the-go’ plastic bottle called Smoov Chapman.
L-R Mr Peter Candlish,General Manager; Mr. Dileeban Ponniah,Chief Operating Officer;Mr Akin Assyouti, Brand Manager Smoov Chapman and Mr. Benson Abraham Marketing Manager, La Casera Company Plc at the Launch of Smoov Chapman in Lagos recently.

The Smoov Chapman drink comes in a uniquely shaped, premium PET bottle with an elegant full length plastic sleeve that is ideal for consumers wanting a classy celebration. According to the Chief Operating Officer, the La Casera Company, Mr. Dileeban Ponniah, Smoov Chapman is one of the many innovations the company has in store for its ever-growing consumer base.
Mr. Ponniah also expressed his pleasure that the launch of the Smoov Chapman – a premium drink that is associated with celebration – is perfectly timed to coincide with Nigeria’s 54th Independence Day celebrations and will enable everyone to celebrate in style. Chapman is a famous, locally made drink invented in West Africa that is ideal for anyone who wants to celebrate but does not want to consume alcohol.
lacaseraPonniah further stressed that Smoov Chapman is an exceptional drink that celebrates modern African culture. It is said to be invented in Nigeria and contains a distinctive and refreshing mix of sweet fruity taste and Angustora bitters for a unique taste which enables it to meet the standards of top hotels, restaurants and social events in the country.
“The La Casera Company has a tradition of delivering great brands to our consumers. Smoov is no exception. Smoov Chapman is a premium value brand that will not only bring excitement to consumers but also guarantees them value for money as the product is being introduced at the revolutionary price. Truly, we are going to democratize Chapman!
Also speaking during the product launch in Lagos, the General Manager of The La Casera Company Marketing wing, Mr. Peter Candlish, described Smoov Chapman as an ideal drink that has been specially produced to cater for all forms of celebrations, stating that its unique taste and high quality makes it a classy drink that is affordable for personal, household and ceremonial consumption occasions.
“Smoov Chapman drink is targeted at chapman lovers everywhere who want a convenient ready-to-drink Chapman with a consistent taste that is made to high standards. Smoov Chapman’s unique taste and beautiful colour makes it one of a kind and we are glad to be the first to introduce it into the market for our consumers,” he said.