Dangote Redefines Cement Quality In Latest TV Commercial

In the latest advertising campaign for the Dangote Cement 42.5R fortified product, the company went the extra mile to demonstrate the importance of quality in cement to builders. Before now, any cement is cement to ordinary Nigerians. What they consider as quality is the mix where the cement is more than the sand in the product. But the TV commercial highlights quality in cement for building purposes.
The 60-seconds TV commercial created by 3XM Ideas, a creative agency based in Lagos, also demonstrates that consumers are going for quality.
In their thinking, whatever features combine to make quality, Dangote Cement commercial is saying that quality cannot be achieved without superior cement. The TV commercial stamped its message with sense of humour, which is appealing without missing the message.
In the commercial, a big man and block maker who has been ostensibly riding on the ignorance of block buyers, suddenly realises that he is losing customers. His workers know this and were waiting for an opportunity to let him know. The big man walks into the factory, steps on one of his blocks to size his competitor across the wall who is making sales. Suddenly, the block he was standing on broke and he fell down. He started preaching the importance of quality to regain his customers.
It was commendable that the campaign largely focused on enlightening consumers about quality and its benefits except at last when it gave example of quality cement – Dangote 3X Cement brand, a 50 Kg higher grade of cement, launched into the market recently. Preaching quality has become significant as unfortunate incidents of failure of buildings and the attendant loss of lives and property in building collapses are largely caused by poor application of cement and quality of cement.
This is also important as Nigeria begins export of cement to attract and compete in the global cement market.
Olusegun Aganga, minister of industry, trade and investment, said recently that Federal Government was targeting an increased production capacity in the cement sector from about 28.5 million metric tons in 2013 to over 39 metric tons in 2014.
“We have had a major success in the cement sector. For the first time ever in the history of Nigeria, we exported cement in 2013. We had capacity of 28.5 million metric tons. Our current demand is between 18 to 20 million tons. This year, it should be about 39 million metric tons.”
The minister believed that Nigeria should have one of the largest cement factories in the world in the near future. Major feature that will continue to drive the growth of Nigeria’s cement industry is quality production because absence of this will result in importation, a development which will drastically affect the economy.
It is with this understanding of higher quality Dangote Cement company launched Dangote 3X Cement brand, a 50 Kg higher grade of cement into the Nigerian market. It called it the big Oga. The cement produced to give the consumer an extra value for money has 42.5R against the 32.5 which exists in the market. This number refers to the strength – measured in Megapascals (MPA) which the cement achieves in 28 days setting time. The 3X Dangote cements with 42.5 R means that the cement has extra strength, extra Life and extra yield.
The “42.5 is ground finer than 32.5 which gives a finer finish to the concrete work. Additionally, the mixed cement has fewer air-pockets and therefore adheres better and has a longer life”. The cement is also produced with block-makers in mind who need to mould strong blocks and still achieve their higher yield.

Source: BusinessDay