Dr Brown’s & Nightingale Products Expands Distribution with Lamoy Integrated Links in Lagos/Ogun State

 After several years of existence of manufacturing and distributing baby, adult and feminine care products in Nigeria and in its pursuit of its decision to make its products more accessible to consumers, Wemy Industry, manufacturer of Dr Brown’s baby series, adult,Feminine and Nightingale products deepens its distribution network with the appointment of Lamoy Integrated Links as its Sole distributor around Akute area and environs.

According to Lamoy Integrated Links, “our company decided to expand our line of business and we watched carefully over a short period to notice the acceptance of Dr Brown’s baby series, adult, feminine and Nightingale products among mothers and care givers and we decided to invest in it”.

With the appointment and tradition of Wemy Industry to support its distributor, the company embarked on a 12days road and neighborhoods storm around Akute area to announce Lamoy Integrated Links as a Key distributor of Dr Brown’s & Nightingale products while generating awareness and sales for Dr Brown’s and  Nightingale products within defined market location  cluster.

The activation team visited 8 major locations within the cluster under Lamoy sales district with repeat visits to some locations (Lambe,Akute,Ojudu Berger,Iju Ishaga,Ogba,Sango,Ibafo,Agege), Dr Brown’s and Nightingale products  was pushed into trade level and also  placed in neighborhood retailers outlets  amidst exciting, engaging and educating  roadshow activities.

Source close to the agency that handled the roadshow, said those sampled commended the absorption and hygiene as the uniqueness of Wemy’s products. Many others expressed such opinion like Dr Brown’s diaper and feminine products are better than most of the imported products around.

Some other respondents urged Wemy Industry not only to maintain the standard of its products but also make them readily available nationwide.

We also gathered that beyond the 12 days roadshow activities, Wemy Industry also do supports its distributors with a Branded Sales Van and Tricycle.


  1. I was told i used Dr.Brown's product when i was a baby 30years ago. Am happy seeing the brand grow.

  2. This activation must have achieved its set objectives,the dancers looks great


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