New Nigerian Brewies Innovation, Star Lite Unveiled

 Nigerians woke up to a surprise announcement on Monday, February 10 2014, as Nigerian Breweries’ the nation’s leading brewer, introduced a new crispy, truly refreshing and less filling beer into the market. The new brand,  Star lite, comes with unique features.
 Marketing Director, Walter Drenth, said “Star lite is a product of a very innovative and unique brewing technique, brewed with 100 per cent natural ingredients; the finest Malted Barley, high quality Hops, and the best quality water. The new offering is a clean, crisp and ice-cold refreshing lager beer. Star lite is extra cold brewed and ice-cold filtered.”
 Star lite debuts with Nigeria’s first beer temperature indicator, which changes colour when the beer is at the best cold temperature for drinking.
 It’s a smart beer which advises consumers through the temperature sensitive ice-cold icon, when it’s best to drink Star lite.
“When the icon turns blue, the beer is cold enough for you,” Drenth said, adding that “Star lite is a product of ice-cold brewing, with the filter set below zero degrees Celsius which is very unique. This makes it crisp and very clear. It is also kept under ice-cold conditions.”
 The new beer brand, a line extension of Star Lager, is brewed with 100 per cent natural ingredients: the finest malted barley, high quality hops, and the best quality water. Thus, it has fewer calories, compared to other standard lager beers.
 “Lite implies fewer calories,” says Drenth. He notes further that “This beer is for modern and social gentlemen who like to stand out and lead an active lifestyle. It’s a cool innovation we at Nigerian Breweries are quite proud of and confident our consumers will appreciate.” Another feature the beer has is special cold protection crown locks.
Comedian Gbenga Adeyinka, Yaw of Wazobia FM and Uti Nwachukwu, led a pack of celebrities to unveil the new Nigerian Brewies innovation, Star Lite. 
Star lite is available at select outlets across the country from February 2014.