Tomorrow Belongs to Moderate Drinkers as Heineken Launches the Sunrise campaign in Nigeria.

Heineken, the world’s international premium beer, has launched its Sunrise campaign in Nigeria as part of the latest phase of its worldwide goal to encourage responsible consumption by its consumers. The campaign themed “tomorrow belongs to moderate drinkers,” leveraged on the iconic Heineken premium beer brand to deliver and reinforce its responsible consumption message.

According to Mr. Kufre Ekanem, Corporate Affairs Adviser, Nigerian Breweries Plc, the Sunrise campaign is a key part of the award-winning “Open Your World” global initiative, which celebrates and encourages aspirational behaviours among consumers. Heineken, decided to roll out the Nigerian campaign during the festive season to maximize the message’s relevance and impact. Hence, millions of adult consumers got the message via print media, social media pages as well as through out of home platforms strategically placed in locations around Lagos.

Mr. Ekanem added that “the Sunrise campaign is Heineken’s way of showing that our ‘man of the world’ brings to life the powerful idea that ‘there are no limits, when you know your limits’. We want to show that enjoying Heineken in moderation can be an integral part of connecting and engaging with friends, meeting new people and exploring new experiences. We have both the opportunity and the responsibility to make moderate drinking aspirational.”

As an industry leader, Heineken implements a consistent approach to encouraging positive attitudes by its consumers by supporting the consistent increase in responsible drinking.

On social media, consumers were invited to comment on the campaign material posted on Heineken’s pages. The campaign generated a lively conversation around the message of responsible drinking with a sustained tempo of interaction and response from loyal consumers.

Source :Brandwork Nigeria